The Bequest Is Live!

          After many delays, I’m very pleased to announce to all my Facebook friends, the publication of my book, The Bequest! This is a project that’s been in the making for nearly 12 years. Earning a living and other realities of life often interrupted the writing process. But a little over 3 years ago I finished the first draft. Numerous edits and much polish followed.

            Last summer I began to seriously consider digital publishing. Most of you are familiar with this increasingly popular publishing format through Amazon’s Kindle reader. After much research I determined that ebooks and other digital formats were the wave of the future in book publishing. I made the decision to go that route exclusively with The Bequest, and I’m happy to announce that it’s now available on Smashwords and Amazon.

            I want to take a moment to thank my brothers and sisters at Grace Fellowship Church who have followed me on this journey and given me advice and words of encouragement along the way. I also want to thank the book’s cover illustrator, Ron Schemenauer. His artistic sense helped capture the mood of the book that I was looking for. My sons Jesse and Caleb also offered much encouragement as their dad plugged away at this book over the years. Finally I want to thank Billi for her many years of patience and her belief in this project. Without her I probably would have given up long ago.

           If you would like to order a copy, it’s $2.99 at Smashwords and Amazon. You don’t need a Kindle to read the book.  Smashwords allows you to download the book in numerous formats and Amazon has Kindle apps for iPhone, Windows PC, Mac, Blackberry, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone 7.

            To order the book, go to one of the following:



            If you purchase the book and like what you read, you might consider going to either or both of these sites and writing a serious review of the book. Also, the last page of the Kindle edition has an area where you can give a starred rating, plus tweet or post on Facebook that you’ve read the book. If you really like the book, I would be very grateful if you told others.

            Thanks for your support and prayers.


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